Family Law

Protecting Your Rights and Interests

Our firm believes that the first step in every family law dispute is to attempt to resolve the matter outside of court. For that reason, we will make every effort to obtain a fair and amicable resolution of your matter with the other side. However, as a firm, we also believe that when resolution of a family law matter has proven to be unsuccessful, it is best to pursue an aggressive litigation strategy that will produce the best result in the shortest amount of time. We will fight to protect your rights and interests and do our utmost to guide you and your family through difficult times.

Our law office will effectively represent and protect your interests in all types of family law matters such as divorce (including issues of asset division, debt division and division of marital property), high conflict divorce, high net worth divorce, child custody, child custody modification, visitation, child support, child support modification, spousal support, spousal support modification and paternity.